Saturday, 23 April 2011

Frankincense and it's uses

1. Skin care and rejuvenation
2. Cell regeneration
3. Colds and flu like symptoms
4. Joint pain and discomfort
5. Inflammation
6. Circulation

Sited in Pharmacopeia in India in 1868 for Bronchitus, Laryngitis. Skin problems (boils & Ulcers)
Historically used for digestion (swolled) and strengthen gums
Used by Queens, Pharaohs, Kings and persons of great wealth in beautification and facial masks and cosmetics.
Used Anciently and up to present day to improve eye sight and as a protection against infection

Frankincense Modern day use's
1. Scar tissue, Ulcers and Wounds
2. Healthy Immune Response
3. Analgesic
4. Expectorant
5. Nervous Tension
6. Skin care, Wrinkles

Frankincense can help protect cells against damage, help fight inflammation