Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Healing Power of Frankincense

I would just like this opportunity to share a few of my personal experiences with you after using doTERRA's Frankincense essential oil.  Over the last 12 months, I have been experiencing pains in my right chest and noticed that when ever I would get stressed either in my job or daily life this pain would increase.  I am no novice when it comes to stress so why now all of a sudden!

Yet, when I look back on things that could of brought it on over the last 12 months well yes there were a few intense moments in my life.  My partner Darryl was diagnosed with cancer of the left Kidney (Renal cell carcinoma) with a few smaller mets that had spread to his chest.

All this after going to the doctor with a cough and pain in his lower back which wouldn't go away and he was always feeling tired (yes that would probably stress the strongest of people no doubt) But he took it on the chin and we decided we would give it one hell of a fight.

I used my oils on him all the time as it helped give him some relief.  Unfortunately once they removed his kidney his health started to deteriorate.  The doctors sent him home with a couple of paracetamols and a scar which looked about 2ft long after they removed all the staples. They told me he was on the mend and a district nurse would call on him from time to time just to check on him.  He was in agony every day the pain in his back grew worse.  I phoned the hospital every day saying he was getting worse called the doctors out he should of started chemo but for some reason it was cancelled and no one would tell me why. 

I began to use the frankincense on my Darryl's chest because it was evident to me that he had cancer of the sternum bone because it started to get prominent and also on the back of his neck. I used Frankincense twice daily on these areas unfortunately I couldn't always get to the worst offender his coccyx bone and when he was starting to look better these were the areas that had shrunk completely. Was it a fluke I don't know I just wish I had believed in them more instead of trusting in the so called Professionals at the time.

To cut a long story short after nearly 2 months of telling them I believed the cancer had spread to his bones they did a CT scan and our worst fears had been confirmed the cancer had spread, he now had bone cancer.  He was transferred to Christies Hospital for cancer patients and was started on chemo straight away but it began to be clear that this would only give him extra time and not actually cure him.

Darryl didn't want to stay in hospital he wanted to come home and enjoy what time he had left with his family and friends.  I decided I would be his sole carer even though everyone warned me against it.  I went on long term sick from work and took on the role of looking after him, we had a lot of fun times together going out, but as Darryl's muscles got weaker he could'nt help me as much, so it got hard lifting him onto his bed from his wheelchair and that's where I think I may have hurt myself internally, but I grew to ignore the pain, it was nothing compared to what my Darryl was feeling.
I would only notice it hurt later on when I got upset (I would never of thought of using my oils on myself as I felt my Darryl deserved them more.)

All in all it gave us more time together and I don't regret any of it.  It's brought my faith stronger to the power of oils.  That's why I began to realise after 12 months of waiting for the medical profession to fix my pain I realised they couldn't they tried all their tests and didn't even know what was causing it.  So I started massaging Frankincense oil and digestZen on my chest every day mainly because one doctor said maybe it's was acid and gave me some ant acid tablets to try, they just made me burb nothing else.

Well anyway 4 weeks down the line and I realised I haven't had so much as a twinge, I've stopped massaging the frankincense oil in and there's been no reaccurance what so ever.  After all this time of suffering with this pain and this is all it took, I'm astounded I really do believe now that these essential oils of doTERRA have the power to heal and we should all try them out first I wish I had sooner.  The medical profession as good as they are, in my eyes are light years away from finding cures, so after seeking your doctors advise and they say it's ok, then why wouldn't you want to try them out and see for yourself what they can do for you and your family and please let me know how you get on.

Thank you for listening.